On this page you will find the templates needed to create your own games or bags.

For the Regulation Game, the artwork can go edge-to-edge with no bleed. REGULATION TEMPLATE

For the Portable Game, artwork will go edge-to-edge, but please do allow approximately 1/2" around the outside to miss the plastic tabs of the game's frame. This applies mostly to text and any logos that are present. The exact size of the imprint area is 18.75" wide by 28.75" tall. The top edge of the 6" diameter hole is 2" from the top of the imprint area and 4" from the top of the board. The edges of the 6" diameter hole is 6.25" from either side.  PORTABLE GAME TEMPLATE

For the Bag Template, the inner-most green line is the "safety line". Anything inside this line would be present in the final printed product. The outside "blue line" is the approximate cut line, while the edge of the document would be the full bleed. CUSTOM BAG TEMPLATE

Please remember to embed all images rather than link them to avoid pixilation, distortion, etc. when sending over artwork. 

 Any unusual fonts should be outlined in the file.

Other advice:

All materials are hand loaded and hand cut, rings around the hole may not be centered exactly. Borders around the outside may not be perfectly balanced. Arrows pointing to the center of the hole can be 1-2mm off. 

For portable games, dark images retain heat which can lead to warping. This can be remedied by bending against the warp and setting the game up in a air conditioned environment. Screens can be damaged due to overheating. Lighter colors tend to hold up a lot better.

Wood games may show the actual wood grain through the print with solid colors. To control consistency between games, we recommend a layer of texture in the background. 

Copywritten/trademarked materials cannot be used without the consent of the rights holder. 

If specific Pantones or CMYK values are to be used, please provide them and ask for matching.