History Of Baggo Original Baggo Game (1948 Model) vs. Baggo Today

How Did Baggo The Best Backyard Game Ever Start?

Circa 1948, a game with no name evolved in the upper Midwest. The new game was being played on Masonite or plywood boards, with a 2x4 or 2x6 base. It was a Go-Go-Go bag toss game, hence the trademark BAGGO® & was regionally known by many names, I.E.- polish horse shoes, Mexican bean bag toss, Cornhole... Ugh!

Because the boards were heavy, bulky & ugly, the games popularity was restricted to backyards & garage storage. The game couldn't travel with you, because it couldn't fit into the back of your car or trunk. Not to mention tossing a one pound bag at 30 feet made the game difficult for some folks. Realizing that the games construction wasn't as practical as it should be, the engineers at BAGGO® created a standardized tournament ready BAGGO® game in the early 90's over a 5 year period. Modernized BAGGO® was made from high impact blow molded Polyethylene that would feature a suitcase type handle, built in collapsible legs & interior bean bag storage. BAGGO® also included a wall mounting bracket for displaying its new found beauty & assisted gamers with easy storage. The new lightweight edition made BAGGO® the ultimate portable game that could go anywhere (even in your car or trunk), anytime & more importantly, with anyone.

Over the past years, BAGGO® has added new features to improve portability, game play & style. For Example:

  • Dual scorekeepers on each BAGGO® board… always know who's in the lead
  • A distance regulator cord pre-knotted at 20ft for tournament play
  • Classic, Theme & Custom screen art to show personal style
  • Support straps to give the back legs rigidity
  • Waterproof digitally printed UV cured inserts
  • 10 page color instruction manual
  • Full Color imprinted bean bags (optional)

Look around... BAGGO® can be found being played in Backyards, at Picnics, Cookouts, Church events, the Beach, Retirement homes, Elementary, Junior High & High Schools, Tailgate scenes, College Campuses, Restaurants & Bars, Break Areas at Work, Weddings, Reunions... You name it! Did we mention we make custom boards? Have any logo put on your very own custom BAGGO® board. BAGGO® also has accessories such as T-Shirts, Hats, Cozies, the BAGGO® Caddy or BAGGO® Caddy LITE (lighted version) which keeps your score, holds your bags & most importantly, your beverage!

Today's BAGGO® has revolutionized the sport & left the competitions wooden goods stuck in 1948. Get your very own BAGGO® board & accessories today at WWW.BAGGO.COM.

Go-Go-Go BAGGO®, The Best Backyard Game Ever!™