• Place bags in pockets on inside of boards
  • Wind distance regulator cord around front leg of a board
  • Latch boards together by lining up pilot pins
  • Store game indoors
    • Prolonged exposure to heat/sunlight may cause board to bow or the insert to discolor
    • Wall mount to prevent bean bag damage by rodents
  • To use Wall Mountable Bracket:
    • Use a 1 1/4" screw to fasten bracket to wall
    • Mount bracket so arched side is on top
    • The lip in the BAGGO hole slides over the mounting bracket


  • Boards: clean with warm, wet cloth and mild household cleaner
  • Bags: wash in cold water – hand wash or delicate cycle, air dry or on “no heat” cycle. DO NOT put in microwave.
  • Screens: remove screen from board, spray mild glass cleaner directly on paper towel and gently wipe. DO NOT spray cleaner directly on screen. DO NOT use water.


  • Boards
    • Constructed of blow-molded, lightweight, high-impact polyethylene for durability
  • Bags
    • Outer Material: Heavy-duty Poplin blend, 65% polyester/35% cotton; all-purpose, extra-strength thread surged on three sides and then reversed out.
    • Filling: Treated unpopped popcorn, a digestible particulate

Get the full Baggo® Official Rule Book HERE.