ACE - A bag tossed onto the board (1 point)
BAGGO - A bag in the hole (3 points)
BLOCKER - An ACE positioned in front of the hole to prevent SLIDERS
BACK DOOR - A BAGGO tossed over the BLOCKER bag
HANGER - An ACE on the lip of the hole ready to drop
HONORS - The team that scored last, tosses first (HONORS) in the next round
FOOT FOUL - Stepping past the front edge of the board while tossing
GROUNDER - A bag on or touching the ground (Zero points)
MARY ELLEN - A tossed bag that falls short of the board
NO BLOOD - A scoreless round
SHOOTER - The person tossing
SLAM - Player makes 4 BAGGOs in one round
PUSH - A BLOCKER pushed in the hole for a BAGGO
SLIDER - A BAGGO that slides in the hole
SWISH - A BAGGO that goes straight into the hole
SKUNK - An 11-0 game or ZIP game