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Baggo Bean Bag Toss Game - The Best Backyard Game Ever


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Comments: Baggo is the single greatest game EVER! I promote baggo everywhere I go. I caught myself talking to one of my accounts about this freakn game. It's a sickness!

Name: Jim in Tampa
Location: Duh
Comments: Great job on the website!

Name: Suzi
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Comments: Baggo, the bean bag game, cornhole- whatever! We visited relatives in Chicago this summer and fell in love with the game. I bought your baggo for my husband for his birthday- bringing the game out west to California and maybe we'll have to make up a west coast name for it.....thanks!

Name: Rick
Location: Portsmouth NH
Comments: I still like BAGGO!

Name: Rick
Location: Denver, CO
Comments: Baggo is FUN!

Name: Grant Dean
Location: Libertyville, IL
Comments: I cant wait till I am coming down for spring break and play baggo!

Name: Dennis
Location: Joliet, Illinois
Comments: I purchased the game for my kids to take on a baseball trip to cooperstown. Very easy to pack up. Folds up nice carries so easily. Thanks for many hours of fun !!

Name: Karin Thomas
Location: USS Fletcher
Comments: Enjoyed playing Baggo on the fantail of our ship during West Pac while crossing the equator. Thanks from the crew.

Name: Woody
Location: Nashville, TN
Comments: Team Oblivious will be in the house! We have hooters girls and food and budweiser will be sponsering the tournament. This should be a huge tournament considering the BAGGO players that have come out of Tennessee Tech University. Come one, come all, true BAGGO players ball.

Name: James "Captain Baggo" Wood
Location: Greenback, TN
Comments: Tucker,if that is in fact your real name, Captain Baggo and the Baggoteers will be at your little tournament. We will require 3 hotel suites and an off site practice/weight training facility for the duration of our stay. Also, we would like for Baggo officials and referees to be present as we will be playing for the TN state championship. These are our terms if they can be met we will not only participate but dominate.

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